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Blooming Brief: Tulip Trees!

31 May, 2019
Blooming Brief: Tulip Trees!

Tulip Tree, named for its whimsical teacup, tulip-like flowers are in bloom RIGHT NOW!

If you stop to take a look, you may notice that they're almost something out of the imagination of author Lewis Caroll's mind.

Tulip Tree is native to Eastern North America and can grow to be as tall as 60 Ft Tall at maturity with a width of 30 Ft Wide! Tulip Tree is a flowering shade tree meaning it will offer significant shade due to its size and density when its fully leafed out in spring and summer but will also flower once a year, usually in mid-late spring in the Chicagoland area.  

Here are a few reasons why we love this tree 

  • Rapid growth rate
  • Beautiful spring flowers— yellow, tulip-like flowers that are painted with brushstrokes of orange and green in their centers
  • Unique leaves
  • Gold to yellow fall color
  • Extremely tolerant tree
Check out these pictures of Tulip Tree seen in bloom in Grundy County!

Mature Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree Flower Bud

Tulip Tree Flower

Tulip Tree Flowers and Leaves Closeups

Tulip Tree in Bloom

Tulip Tree Blossom fully open

Tulip Tree Flower

Bonus *VIDEO* of Chris Harford, owner dishing on this tree in the nursery!

Chris says, "Tulip Tree... which is a really cool tree that's starting to become really popular. There's a bunch of really neat things about this tree!"

If you love this tree be sure to check out Arnold Tulip Tree and Emerald City Tulip Tree!

Arnold Tulip Tree is unique from the native Tulip Tree in that it has a narrow/columnar form getting to be about 15 Ft Wide at Maturity, allowing itself to shade and beautify smaller landscapes. Whereas, Emerald City Tulip Tree still grows to be quite large with more of an upright oval form and darker, more glossy deep green foliage. 


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