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Tree of the Week: Redpointe® Red Maple

29 May, 2019 7
Tree of the Week: Redpointe® Red Maple

Redpointe® Red Maple is one of those tried and true selections that we can't say enough about!

Reasons why we think this tree is on point 

  • Exceptional tolerance to high pH levels (which can cause some maples to yellow prematurely, this is called chlorosis)
  • Beautifully consistent red fall color
  • Remarkable pyramidal form
  • Perfect shade or parkway tree
  • Moderate to Rapid growth rate
  • Strong central leader and sturdy branch structure
Check out these pictures of Redpointe® Red Maple in the Nursery and in our Holding Yard!
Redpointe Red Maple
Redpointe at Beginning of Fall color changing

Redpointe Red Maple in Nursry in the Fall with Red color

Redpointe Red Maple Leaf Closeup

Check out the *VIDEO* below to learn more about Red Maples


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