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WTrees are awesome!

We love trees, our customers love trees, seriously, who doesn’t love trees?

Planting trees in your yard is beneficial in so many ways. From adding ambiance to increasing resale value, the benefits of planting trees will make the investment well worth it for you, we promise!


Shade is the first thing people think about when deciding to purchase trees, and shade trees are a basic requirement for any home with a yard. Shade trees make a large impact in a home landscape or community.

Shade trees will:
  • Reduce your annual energy bill as much as 25%.
  • Reduce temperatures by as much as 10 degrees under the canopy.
  • Reduce sound pollution by as much as 50%.
  • Attract wildlife.
  • Transform your house into a home.
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Property Value

Adding trees is a rock solid investment that increases your property value. An enjoyable home landscape and big, beautiful trees can increase your property value by as much as 20%.

The Department of Natural Resources estimates that shade trees and evergreen windbreaks can save you up to 25% on your annual air conditioning bills and a 20% reduction in annual fuel bills. Those are results you can take to the bank, year after year.

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The last thing anyone wants is to come home after work to relax, and end up staring at their neighbors trying to do the same thing. Does this sound familiar?

Choosing the right tree for privacy can eliminate this problem and let your backyard truly become yours again!

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There are few things in life more stunning than a beautiful fall fireworks show of orange, red, yellow, and purple foliage-- or as uplifting as the soft and subtle sweetness of spring flowers bursting from your trees in wonderful whites, pinks, and reds.

Stately shade trees reach high into the sky providing our families with loving support, welcome relief, and majestic grace. We Adore trees, we study trees, we plant trees, we marvel at trees and most importantly-we love trees!

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Trees simply make our way of life, and our communities better. A community full of trees immediately feels the benefits. Trees reduce sound, separating our neighborhoods from busy commercial areas. They produce oxygen, store carbon and fight climate change, and clean the air which not only is good for the planet but also can be seen right at home with better health and happiness for everyone. Trees reduce harsh winds and cool the entire community, cutting down on all kinds of dangerous pollution. On average, a neighborhood full of trees tends to correspond with a higher average income for the entire community.

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Believe it or not, studies have revealed that trees have important social, communal, and calming effects on ourselves and our communities. Urban tree canopies significantly reduce workplace stress levels and fatigue, correlate with lower crime rates and reduced traffic, and have even been known to decrease the recovery time needed after surgery. In addition, trees are often planted as living memorials- and humans can develop strong bonds with trees we have planted, and loved!