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Tree of the Week: Profusion Pink Flowering Crabapple

27 Aug, 2019 7
Tree of the Week: Profusion Pink Flowering Crabapple

Profusion Pink Flowering Crabapple is very popular among homeowners for its deep pinkish-red flowers combined with deep purple, fading to bronze foliage which presents a unique new crabapple variety. Growth is outstanding, and it displays excellent resistance to common crabapple diseases.

Why Profusion Crabapple is SO adored 

  • Unique changing foliage (leaves). They unfurl in spring as a red-violet and then turn a bronze green before turning an amber color in the fall
  • Bold, pinkish-red spring flowers
  • Disease resistant
  • Extremely versatile in the landscape: plant in garden beds around the house, on property lines, in open areas of your lawn
  • Decorative maroon colored crabapples that attract wildlife
Check out these pictures from the nursery!
Profusion Flowers Closeup
Profusion in Field
Profusion in Flower in Field of 2 rows

*Head to our Profusion Pink Flowering Crabapple product page to see more pictures and get more tree stats.*


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