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Our Favorite Fast-Growing Shade Trees

21 Aug, 2019 25
Our Favorite Fast-Growing Shade Trees

Pretty often our customers will come to us asking for large and/or fast growing shade trees. There could be a variety of reasons for this need, sometimes it's to replace an existing tree that was removed and the homeowners are really missing that shade. They want something that won't take too long to catch up and will start doing some of the work that the old tree was doing. No matter the reason, the trees on this list are sure to meet your requirements for a fast-growing shade tree option.

For the first couple of years, your new tree will focus the majority of its energy on establishing its root system. Once  your fast-growing shade tree is well established it can grow a couple of feet per year. That is, given the right tree care, site conditions and, of course, taking weather into consideration. 


Fast Growing Shade Trees

Our 15 Favorite Fast-Growing Shade Trees 

1. Exclamation!® London Planetree

This fast-growing shade tree is as durable and attractive as they come. Matures to 55 Ft Tall with a mature spread of 35 Ft Wide with a pyramidal shape. 

Exclamation London Planetree in Nursery with Person Standing

2. Autumn Blaze Maple

This tree is a hybrid of the Silver Maple and Red Maple. It combines the rapid growth rate of the Silver Maple and the incredible red fall color of Red Maple. Matures to approximately 50 Ft Tall and 40 Ft Wide. 

Autumn Blaze Maple

3. River Birch

This tree does well in wet locations but it will typically thrive anywhere in the landscape given adequate water. A rapid grower that reaches 40 Ft Tall and about 35 Ft Wide. 

River Birch Planted in Front of Home

4. Native Hackberry

As tough as they come and one of the fastest-growing trees around, Hackberry is a wonderful native shade tree option for your landscape. Reaches 45 Ft Tall and 35 Ft Wide. 

Native Hackberry Maturing

5. Bald Cypress

Rapid growth rate, very adaptable in wet areas and is tolerant of most conditions. This large shade tree grows to be about 55 Ft Tall and about 30 Ft Wide. 

Bald Cypress

6. Skyline Honeylocust

Rapid growth rate combined with a subtle dappled shade allows this tree flexibility to planted in a variety of places. Skyline Honeylocust reaches 45 Ft Tall and has a mature spread of 35 Ft Wide.

Skyline Honeylocust on Parkway in Spring

7. Kentucky Coffee Tree

Perfect for parks, parkways, open areas of the yard or any space in need of a rapidly growing, large and uniquely tropical-like shade tree. Kentucky Coffee Tree reaches about 50 Ft Tall and 35 Ft Wide.

Kentucky Coffee Tree

8. New Horizon Elm

This tree is a "growing" favorite, rapid grower and tough and durable. New Horizon Elm will reach 55 Ft Tall and grow to be about 40 Ft Wide.

New Horizon Elm

9. Northern Catalpa

This moderate to rapid grower has an interesting pyramidal shape with a rounded crown. These large shade trees also flower! Mature height, 50 Ft Tall with a mature spread of about 40 Ft Wide. 

Northern Catalpa

10. Redpointe® Red Maple

Plant this perfect tree where you can best enjoy its shade and remarkable fall color display. Moderate to rapid growth rate reaches 45 Ft Tall and 30 Ft Wide. 

Redpointe Red Maple

11. Moraine Sweetgum

A rapid grower with an oval shape, large size and a spectacular fall color show this tree has it all. Mature height 40 Ft Tall, mature spread 25 Ft Wide. 

Moraine Sweetgum

12. Tulip Tree

This flowering shade tree's rapid growth rate caps off quite large at 60 Ft Tall and a mature spread of about 30 Ft Wide. This tree does best in open areas of the yard, in parks or in the parkway.

Tulip Trees

13. Heritage® River Birch

This Midwest native's rapid growth rate and pyramidal form reach 40 Ft Tall and 20 Ft Wide.

Heritage River Birch

14. Emerald Lustre® Norway Maple

Emerald Lustre® is a rapid grower offering dense shade. Matures to 50 Ft Tall and 40 Ft Wide.

Emerald Lustre Norway Maple

15. Deborah Norway Maple

Moderate to rapid growth rate, this unique tree matures with a rounded canopy reaching 45 Ft Tall and 40 Ft Wide.

Deborah Norway Maple


There are so many benefits to planting a shade tree. They not only look beautiful but they will help reduce your home's energy costs, all while increasing your property value and beautifying your community in the process.