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Tree of the Week: Northern Catalpa

16 Oct, 2019 3
Tree of the Week: Northern Catalpa

This flowering shade tree offers the best of both worlds! Homeowners adore this tree's large panicles of flowers and huge heart-shaped leaves but also appreciate the fact that it offers substantial shade to their home. 

Northern Catalpa is a Spring Grove Nursery Tried & True SelectionThis tree does exceptionally well in the nursery, despite the unpredictable changes in Illinois' weather. 

Why we heart this flowering shade tree ♥

  • Large white flowers, dotted in their centers with a contrast of deep purple specks and bright yellow spots
  • Large heart-shaped leaves
  • Tolerant of heat and drought
  • Native tree
  • Attracts wildlife
  • This large tree can get upwards of 50+ Ft Tall
  • Pyramidal form

Pictures of Northern Catalpa 

Northern Catalpa Leaf Closeup

Mature Catalpa on the Parkway

Northern Catalpa Flowers

Northern Catalpa in Front Yard

Check out this *VIDEO* slideshow of Northern Catalpa in our holding-yard!


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