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The Best Time to Plant Trees in the Chicagoland Area

06 Oct, 2023 19
The Best Time to Plant Trees in the Chicagoland Area

The Best Time to Plant Chinese Proverb Quote with image of tree planting

Some may ask, is summer an OK time to plant? Or you may wonder, is fall a good time for tree planting? Our answer is a solid YES and YES again. 

So, when is the best time to plant trees in the Chicago area?

The best time to plant is the spring, summer, or fall. Hang with us on this, and we'll explain. 

Here's why → 

What matters most is when the tree you ordered was dug from the field. This is far more important than when it gets planted. We follow our family-partner nursery's guidelines for that. So long as the tree was dug at the right time, we can plant trees anytime— spring, summer, and fall. Weather provided, we will keep planting trees until the end of November.

Digging is a Science → 

The digging of trees is a science. This entire process depends heavily on the weather. The nursery will closely monitor the process. They will ensure that all trees are dug from the field at the appropriate time. All trees need to be dug up while they are in dormancy.

digging collage

The trees we plant for you are machine-dug with a tree spade and placed in a burlap bag and a wire basket. Extra care is given to protect the trunk and branches for transportation.

Spring Dug Trees:

In the springtime, the trees get dug before they get their leaves. Spring-dug trees move from the field to the nursery's holding yard and are put on drip irrigation. The trees will stay in the holding yard to be maintained and cared for by nursery staff until they can be delivered and planted. 

Summer Dug Trees:

Very few trees are actually dug from the field in the summertime. With careful consideration, some evergreens can get dug from the field in late spring/early summer or late summer/early fall. 

Fall Dug Trees:

In the fall, trees get dug after they've gone dormant and have begun to lose their leaves. Fall-dug trees don't make it into the holding yard. They move straight from the field to your very own yard.

Collage of spring, summer and fall tree planting

Final Thoughts →

We will help you plant a tree anytime— spring, summer, or fall. We will work with you to ensure your tree is put in the ground at the best possible time for the health and success of your new tree. After planting, something to keep in mind is consistent watering. We provide easy-to-follow tree care instructions. Stick to our tree care info, and your tree will flourish!

A newly planted river birch with a treegator being installed