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How Do I Select Trees for My Berm?

12 May, 2020 5
How Do I Select Trees for My Berm?
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Berms are useful for building up an otherwise flat and uninteresting landscape. We recommend diversifying your plantings whenever possible, especially when planting in a berm. Adding in a berm is not only appealing to the eye it's also functional as a sound barrier in busy residential areas, as a visual block or privacy screen between two spaces, or as a windbreak. 
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Mature Spruce in Berm

berm text
  • Choose multi-stem clump form trees and plant them in groups or clusters
  • Consider Evergreen Trees for texture, winter interest, privacy, and wind protection
  • Invigorate your senses by planting a fragrant Flowering Tree
  • Think about fall color— Shade trees have the stature and incredible fall color that everybody wants
  • Add a densely branched tree into the mix— these trees add contrast in stark winter months
  • "Branch out" and choose a tree with interesting bark such as River Birch
  • Integrate different heights for a unique native look
  • Decide on tree placement— if you want a more uniform look plant your trees in a straight row, or go native by staggering your trees
Now, let's get to it!
Grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and get ready to jot a few things down. First, you should consider your personal needs. Ask yourself, "What am I trying to achieve in this space?"
Are you wanting to add aesthetic interest to your landscape, or are you in need of privacy or maybe it's a bit of both? Really think about this and write down a few ideas and if you're feeling creative go ahead and make a drawing of what you'd like to see in your landscape. Start with simple design concepts— consider texture, color, and shape.

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01 The Front Yard Privacy Berm
Black Hills Spruce
Do you live on a corner lot with an open front yard? This could be a great option for you! This front yard needed privacy and we came in and filled it in with Black Hills Spruce trees. These beauts add a touch of dimension, color, texture, and that much-needed privacy.

02 The Shade Tree Berm 


In the berm on the front, left-hand side we planted a new tree, an Autumn Blaze Maple! This fast-growing, large shade tree brings in shade and color. Autumn Blaze Maple will show-off in the fall with its bright red-orange fall color— a true treat for the homeowners! The berm to the right has an existing mature Colorado Blue Spruce, accented by other plant life at varying heights. This texture brings in character to an otherwise ordinary space.

03 The Raised Berm
Raised Berm
This existing raised berm separates a residential area from a commercial area. By mixing Spruce Trees and Serviceberry Trees, this berm will have beauty and texture throughout the year as well as privacy.

04 The Privacy Screen Berm
Techny Arborvitae
Seen in the image above is a row of Techny Arborvitae used for privacy & screening. As these trees mature, they will grow closer together forming a living wall.

05 The Diverse Backyard Berm
Bonus Video
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