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Give the Gift of a PLANTED Tree!

02 Nov, 2023 27
Give the Gift of a PLANTED Tree!

This year is all about tradition. Whether you're keeping or reigniting old holiday traditions or establishing new ones, we are HERE for it.

Think back to a time and place when tradition was something you counted on, and it came through on its promise. Nothing beats that warm fuzzy feeling.

Gift-giving is all about the feelings that come with it. You want those feelings to last.

Remember that the front yard tree your daughter grew up climbing? That tree was planted by your grandfather. Now, your daughter has a family & home of her own. Let the family traditions continue. Plant a tree for future generations and give the gift that keeps giving. Err... we mean growing!

Or, start a NEW tradition with friends or a loved one and watch it GROW.

Picture of young child in a tree they just climbed with holiday graphics.

'Tis the season for giving with purpose and carrying on traditions. Give the gift of a planted tree! Watch it grow, flourish, bloom, and turn its beautiful fall colors year after year. 

Why trees are the BEST gift →

The environmental, economic, social, and aesthetic benefits of tree planting are endless!

One of the best things about giving your friend or loved one a tree is that it is the gift that keeps giving. Trees have SO many benefits. They are one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly gifts available. Trees help our environment, increase property value, provide shade, offer a place to rest on a hot summer's day, add beauty to the world... and SO MUCH MORE. Trees are a gift that can be opened each spring and fall. Their branches burst in spring with flowers and leaves. Come autumn, they'll put on a celebratory display of colors that will warm anyone's heart year after year. 

A boy reading under a shade tree with holiday graphics

Why should you choose

The tree you order from isn't some empty promise of a tree that will be planted someplace where you'll never get to personally enjoy it.

No, no, no. The tree you order from is... MORE. It is a large, locally-grown tree. Our experienced crew will personally deliver and expertly plant it in your friend's or loved one's yard. All with the assurance of our full replacement warranty. This tree can be enjoyed every single day and cherished for generations. planting a State Street Maple with holiday graphics

This year, keep your traditions growing and give the gift of a PLANTED TREE

Order a tree for your friend or loved one this holiday. 

Choose from hundreds of trees— shade, ornamental and flowering, evergreens, and more. Order now, and we'll plant it later next spring.

E-Gift Cards are available