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Blooming Brief- April 20th

18 Apr, 2018 16
Blooming Brief- April 20th

April 20th- Blooming Brief...

Red Maple- believe it or not, if you look really close at the branches of a Red Maple you may see tiny little red, sometimes yellow flowers. You may have to look at the top of the Maple to see the blooms, as Maples usually produce this flower where there is the most sunlight.  The small flowers are not known to be fragrant, but they are a great indication that Spring is on its way. You will often see the red flowers appear on Red Maple trees in early Spring. Often they are the first tree to flowering each year. 


Here is our Red Maples...

Burgundy Belle Red Maple

Red Sunset Red Maple

October Glory Red Maple

Redpointe Red Maple

Sun Valley Red Maple