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Grower Talk- Digging and Planting Update

17 Apr, 2018 12
Grower Talk- Digging and Planting Update

Becky Thomas, of Spring Grove Nursery, has an update on the tree digging happening throughout the nursery.


Spring Grove Nursery purchases most all of our trees through the wonderful wholesale nursery, Spring Grove Nursery, who also happens to be my sister-in-law. I plan to provide talks and information as often as possible to our customers, directly from Becky and Jamie Thomas, Spring Grove Nursery's owners and growers.  



Becky Thomas- Spring Grove Nursery


"Spring has arrived at Spring Grove Nursery! We are in full swing of planting & digging now. The crews are also keeping up with pulling the trees in from the field to stage for shipping. We are already done digging several ornamentals and moving along with shade trees. 

Our new crop of liners has arrived and is already planted! We could not be more happy with how perfectly the crop went into the ground. For more on planting check out our PLANTING 2018 VIDEO

As we continue digging, we will also start shipping soon. We will be pulling the trees in from the field to our loading area & our Holding Yard."            



Tree Row

- This is great news for and Spring Grove Nursery are both small, family-owned business who strive to help one another out. During early Spring, all labor efforts go towards digging trees in the nursery as well as the planting of the nursery's new crop. Once those things are finished, will be in full swing delivering and planting trees for our customers; all over the Chicago land area. You will see our crew members Kyle and Austin working hard providing the much-needed nursery help in the "PLANTING 2018 VIDEO". 

We anticipate starting our delivery and planting schedule the first or second week of May. Orders can be placed at any time before or after this time. Planting large balled and burlaped trees can be done throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall; will be planting trees from May through November of 2018.