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Raspberry Spear® Crabapple

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Quick Overview

Raspberry Spear® Crabapple has character! From its colorful display of deep purple leaves that transition to purple-bronze in late summer before showing tints of orange in the fall and its bright magenta-pink flowers, to its tight columnar form, Raspberry Spear® is a true knockout!

Why it rocks:

Raspberry Spear® Crabapple is part of the Spear® family of trees. Raspberry Spear® has a colorful display throughout spring, summer, and fall. Its clean deep purple leaves change to a purple-bronze in late summer before showing tints of orange in the fall. In spring, deep pink colored flower buds burst open with bright magenta-pink flowers. Simply put, Raspberry Spear® Crabapple is a true knockout!


Where to put it:

Raspberry Spear® Crabapple is an outstanding accent tree. This crabapple has an attractive narrow upright-oval shape, reaching only 8 ft wide at full maturity. The attribute alone sets this tree apart from all the rest. Its narrow form lends itself to tight spaces. Plant Raspberry Spear® in landscape beds around the house, to anchor the corners of your yard, or plant it anywhere in your yard a pop of color is needed. This tree should be kept about 4-5 ft away from buildings.


What it needs:

Raspberry Spear® Crabapple is an extremely tolerant tree that can grow in nearly any condition. Be sure to follow our watering guidelines for the first few growing seasons until the root system is well-established.
Botanical Name: Malus ‘JFS KW213MX’ PP 31008
Hardiness Zone: 4
Tree Type: Ornamental & Flowering
Size Range: Small Tree (15-25 feet)
Mature Height: 20'
Mature Spread: 8'
Shape: Upright Oval|Narrow/Columnar
Foliage Color: Green|Purple
Fall Color: Orange|Rusty Orange
Flower Color: Pink|Purple
Decorative Fruit: Maroon to deep red, 1/2"
Landscape Uses: Parkway/Street|Ornamental/Flowering
Growth Rate: Moderate
Plant Tolerance: Very Adaptable
Standout Feature: Narrow, Unique leaves, Magenta spring flowers

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