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Nigra Arborvitae

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Tree Size: 5 Ft Tall
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Quick Overview

Nigra Arborvitae is great for creating a living fence and provides solid, year round screening.

Why it rocks:

Nigra Arborvitae is great for creating a living fence and provides solid, year round screening. Nigra is tall, narrow, and holds its deep green color all year long. Nigra is narrower at maturity than Techny. If year round screening is not needed, and space is not a factor, consider using other clump form trees like River Birch to get more immediate size.

Where to put it:

Arborvitae are typically planted close together in rows to achieve a screening effect. This tree will create a formal look and can be pruned and shaped easily. Typical plant spacing for Nigra Arborvitae is approximately 5ft apart for single rows, and 5ft apart for double rows that are spaced 10ft from each other. Consider Arborvitae for areas where space is limited, and year round screening is desired. Arborvitae is usually planted along property lines, and should not be planted in parkways. Nigra Arborvitae should not be planted in areas where it may be exposed to harsh winds.

What it needs:

Nigra Arborvitae is very adaptable. It can tolerate wetter locations, and should not be planted in extremely dry locations without frequent watering.

Botanical Name: Thuja occidentalis 'Nigra'
Hardiness Zone: 3
Tree Type: Evergreen
Size Range: Small Tree (15-25 feet)
Mature Height: 20'
Mature Spread: 7'
Shape: Narrow/Columnar|Pyramidal
Foliage Color: Dark Green
Flower Color: N/A
Decorative Fruit: None
Landscape Uses: Hedge|Privacy/Screening
Growth Rate: Moderate
Plant Tolerance: Very Adaptable, Tolerates Wet Locations, Avoid Harsh Winds
Standout Feature: Great for Screening, Tall and Narrow Shape, Very Adaptable

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