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Why Trees Reduce Stress & Anxiety

31 Mar, 2020
Why Trees Reduce Stress & Anxiety

We’re always preaching the benefits of trees- and for good reason!

Trees benefit us in so many ways!

  • Environmentally
  • Socially
  • Increase property values
  • Add shade, privacy, and beauty
  • Benefit our mental & physical health

People of all ages can benefit from trees. Trees offer kids a place to play in autumn when the leaves begin to fall, they bring beauty and fragrance with their spring blooms and bring a sense of peace to all who come into their presence. 

Not only do trees improve the quality of air that we breathe, and produce food for us to consume and products for us to use but they also are known to boost our mood! Trees can help eliminate stress and anxiety which is so important in a time like now when stress can wreak havoc on our immune systems.

So how do trees reduce stress and anxiety? Just stepping out in nature or even looking at a picture of a tree has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. That's just one example! Get outside and look up at the trees today and go see for yourself.

Royal Raindrops in Backyard Garden

Royal Raindrops® Crabapple adds beauty and tranquility in a backyard garden.

“...trees have important social, communal, and calming effects on ourselves and our communities. Urban tree canopies significantly reduce workplace stress levels and fatigue, correlate with lower crime rates and reduced traffic, and have even been known to decrease the recovery time needed after surgery. Also, trees are often planted as living memorials- and humans can develop strong bonds with trees we have planted and loved!”

Plant a tree in your yard from the view of your home office, bedroom, living room, or wherever you spend a lot of time. Another great option is to place your tree where you can view it from your kitchen so that while you do the dishes, or are cooking you will have a beautiful view… or simply plant wherever you want to add beauty or block out those pesky neighbors (whatever makes you the happiest)!

Backyard Trees

River Birch adds privacy & beauty along the back end of the backyard. 

Here are a few tree suggestions for improving your quality of life even if you’re stuck inside →

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Winter King Hawthorn

Red Jewel White Flowering Crabapple

Royal Raindrops® Crabapple

Redpointe® Red Maple

Red Sunset® Red Maple

Sun Valley Red Maple

Pacific Sunset® Maple

Celebration® Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple

River Birch

Heritage River® Birch

Whitespire Birch

Order now from the comfort of your own home and we'll take care of the rest. This is a great option when we are practicing social distancing. You can make a difference for your home and your neighborhood without having to worry.

We will deliver and plant your tree stress-free!

“...Trees reduce sound, separating our neighborhoods from busy commercial areas. They produce oxygen, store carbon and fight climate change, and clean the air which not only is good for the planet but also can be seen right at home with better health and happiness for everyone. Trees reduce harsh winds and cool the entire community, cutting down on all kinds of dangerous pollution. On average, a neighborhood full of trees tends to correspond with a higher average income for the entire community.”

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