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Spring at

25 Apr, 2023
Spring at

Ahh! Spring is officially in the air! Orders are flowing in, we're throwing on our mud boots, and the hustle and bustle of the season has arrived. We absolutely live for this time of year!

A photo collage of our crew helping to dig trees from the nursery's field.

Early spring prep takes "all hands on deck" to get the spring season going. Our crew was busy working hard right alongside our family-partner nursery, Spring Grove Nursery. Here they are, digging trees fresh from the field and placing them in a burlap bag and wire basket. 

A photo collage of the nursery crew digging a large Pacific Sunset Maple tree from the field

The nursery takes time during March and April to dig trees from their field for us to plant for our customers. Would you look at the size of this Pacific Sunset® Maple!?

2023 Crop of Liners that will become a future crop of trees to be planted

Also, during early spring prep, the nursery will also focus on planting its future crops. That's what these liners are, your future front yard trees! SGN Trees grow their homegrown trees for about 8-10 years to bring them to production. At that point, we can then deliver and plant them in homeowners' yards.

Inside the office, we connect with customers and iron out order details. Order readiness is a big deal. We know each tree that gets planted is a SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT investment for our customers, and we don't want to miss a single detail. 

Marlee drawing up a landscape design for trees

The magic is in the details. Here's Marlee in the office drawing up a design.

Kyle, Bailey the office dog prepping the truck and stop to smile for a picture

SAFETY FIRST! Here's Kyle and our office dog, Bailey stopping to smile for a picture. Right before we kick off tree planting our crew is busy prepping the truck. All points of inspection are verified before we take off for the season.

When you see this bad boy on your tree-planting day, you know things are about to get good!

We look forward to planting trees for you this year!