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Partnering With ComEd to Replant Coal City

01 Feb, 2018 10
Partnering With ComEd to Replant Coal City

In the wake of a devastating tornado, which ripped through the Village of Coal City during a late summer afternoon in 2015., Spring Grove Nursery, and ComEd® partnered together to replant the streets of Coal City. The Village of Coal City had estimated around 50,000 trees that were lost that day. The value of trees to a community is very real- especially after they are gone. You can't put a price on the emotional benefits that trees provide, both through the memories attached to them or the way they make you feel, but you can quantify the economic & environmental benefits of trees. 

The National Tree Benefit Calculator designed by Davey Tree Service in partnership with the US Forest Service estimates that a tree gives over $18,310 benefits to the community over its lifetime. In addition, it absorbs 306,039 gallons of stormwater runoff and 97,224 lbs of carbon from the atmosphere. Trees also help save energy by the shade they provide- up to 25,600 kilowatts/hours over its lifetime. Those facts are staggering when you factor the numbers by the number of trees lost in the Coal City Tornado. The loss of the tree canopy to the community of Coal City totals millions of dollars- both economically & environmentally. Which is why ComEd® contacting and Spring Grove Nursery to help alleviate this large loss and start bringing green back to the community. 

Nearly a year after the Village and its residents had been working so tirelessly getting their community back together., Spring Grove Nursery, and ComEd® put together a community-wide tree planting, which took place Arbor Day of 2016. There were 100+ trees planted on this day by local volunteers, ComEd, Davey Resource Group, Lewis Tree,, Spring Grove Nursery, and the Village of Coal City. The volunteers helped to plant the trees on cities streets throughout the devasted areas. 

The process of rebuilding the tree canopy in Coal City will take some time, however, it will be done. We were very happy to help in this great Arbor Day event. 

If you would like to continue helping with rebuilding the canopy of Coal City. Be sure to check out the CommuniTrees Partner Program and Spring Grove Nursery have set up to help the residents of Coal City as well as the city space. 

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