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Giving Back is Important to Us

24 Jan, 2018 13
Giving Back is Important to Us

Giving back to the many communities we serve is very important to us. We know without these wonderful communities and their many efforts to help others, we wouldn't be able to be the successful, thriving business that we are today. Below are some of the many groups, foundations, organizations, and associations we have had the pleasure to work within. Our staff at are always looking to help any way we can.

Some of the many charities we support...

Grundy-Three Rivers Habitat for Humanity

Grundy-Three Rivers Habitat for Humanity knows the need for affordable housing. They are committed to helping families build long-term financial security, by providing housing for families with 0% interest rates and a place to call their very own. In 2011 Grundy-Three Rivers Habitat for Humanity purchased five lots within the city limits of Morris, IL, where they built their first homes. To assist struggling homeowners with repairs they launched "A Brush With Kindness" in 2016 and in 2018 they completed the building of their 13th home! 

A home is not complete without landscape. knows the importance of saving money on energy with the help of trees to shade houses. Over the past years, we have helped with planting numerous trees at each home. "The look on the homeowner's faces when the trees are planted is priceless."- Kyle Bromberek

Giving Back

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Girl Scouts of Illinois

The Girl Scouts organization focus on many different aspects of life. This all-female environment teaches young women how to develop a strong sense of self, seek challenges, learn from setbacks, display positive values, form and maintain healthy relationships, along with identifying and solve problems within their community. We love how Girl Scouts center their environment around science, the outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship. They provide a great learning environment for girls of all ages. 

Girl Scouts run an "It's Your Planet-Love It!" campaign within each Girl Scout troop. This campaign is focused on bringing awareness to the environment and protecting our planet.  A badge the girls can earn is by getting to know trees and learning about their importance. loves to help the troops of Illinois earn this badge by teaching the benefits of trees and why they are important as well as planting trees in their community. Educating our youth is the most important way to keep trees thriving for the future. "He that plants trees loves others besides himself" -Thomas Fuller. 

Girl Scouts


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                         Lions Club International                                   

The Lions Club is a volunteer-run organization serving each community and helping where help is needed. They focus on the health and well-being of their communities and the people that live in it. Their mission is to serve each community and meet humanitarian needs. 

In 2017, The Lions Club of Morris, IL made a commitment to beautify their community parks. We are happy and grateful they reached out to to help in this process. The great members of the Lions Club of Morris IL have raised money to plant 10+ trees in all 12 public parks throughout Morris, IL. We are glad we get to help in this effort and look forward to raising money and volunteering in the future for this movement. There are so many great benefits to planting trees in the parks of your community. Studies have shown trees and landscape reduce crime, reduce air pollution, safeguard against flooding, as well as many more wonderful benefits. 

Click Here for more benefits of Trees

Lions Club

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The YMCA focuses on the strength of each community. They deliver positive change wherever they go. They pride themselves on the ability to listen to their community and act on whatever it is the people and community need. Allowing their communities to learn, grow, and thrive is their number one focus. 

The YMCA of Morris, IL is a new up and coming non-profit in its community. The people of the YMCA have been working tirelessly to build a new facility for members and the community. is always happy to donate whenever we can. Whether it be raising money to achieve their goal, or volunteering at different events. In 2017, gave the children of the YMCA summer camp the opportunity to learn about the wonderful benefits of trees and help in the process of planting a beautiful tree at their local school.


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