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Chicagoland's BEST Trees for Fall Color

05 Sep, 2023 9
Chicagoland's BEST Trees for Fall Color

One of the best things about living in the Midwest is having four seasons— the freshness of spring, the warmth and fun of summer, the bounty and colors of fall, and the calm, cold nights of winter. But oh, how we all know that fall in Chicagoland is IT. The flannel, the cider, the hay rides, the first autumn leaves tumbling down the street when a crisp October breeze rolls through.

Brown Maple leaves blowing on the street.

Autumn strolls on colorful treelined streets, or simply looking out your window while doing your dishes or reading a book and seeing your fall tree in its full fiery fall glory is IT y'all.

Traditional house with front yard trees in full autumn color.

This fall aesthetic can be yours year after year. We want to help you plant one of the trees on this list in your yard. You will not regret it!

Maple Trees

Maples are the tree we all think of when we think of autumn leaves. Some maple trees will be showier in the fall. Consider trees like Sugar MaplesRed Maples, and Red/Silver Maple hybrids such as Autumn Blaze MapleAutumn Fantasy® Maple, and Matador™ Maple. Do you want that glorious golden fall color? Check out State Street™ MapleRugged Ridge® Maple, and Emerald Lustre® Norway Maple. How about an array of colors? Celebration® Maple, or Pacific Sunset® Maple, has an incredible pallet of fall reds, oranges, and bright yellow. Any of these trees will add a splash of color to your yard.

Autumn Blaze Maple with fiery fall color in a backyard near a white picket fence and a bench beneath

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are EXTRA. They are extra beautiful. While most we think of as having flowers, some do not but have other features, such as peeling bark, unique leaves, etc. They can act as a statement in the garden or landscape beds. Plant them on the parkway or along property lines for privacy and screening. Their versatility is endless! Check out these trees— Autumn Brilliance ServiceberryRoyal Raindrops® CrabapplePagoda DogwoodBirch TreesEarly Glow™ Ohio Buckeye, and Hornbeam Trees. These ornamental and flowering trees are some of our top suggestions for fall color.

Collage of Ornamental trees showing fall color

Other Shade Trees

In the vast world of shade trees, there is something one tree might offer that the next tree doesn't. One may have smaller leaves, while others have leaves that grow to be larger than your head. Some have flowers, while others have nuts. Large shade trees help reduce energy costs, provide shade and beauty, and increase property value. BONUS! They look absolutely stunning in the fall. Look into trees such as Linden TreesHoneylocust TreesGinkgo TreesSweetgum TreesWhite OakRed OakElm TreesBlack Tupelo Trees, and Tulip Trees. These are some of our top picks for Shade Trees with popping fall colors!

Collage of shade trees showing fall color

The trees on this list will bring IT in the fall.
The benefits of these trees don't end there. Also, most have ornamental features or other benefits you'll appreciate during the spring, summer, and winter.

Be sure to check out our website. Discover the tree for YOU.