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Blooming Brief: Linden Trees!

24 Jun, 2019 3
Blooming Brief: Linden Trees!

You may have seen them and even smelled them this past week... they are none other than sweet, sweet Linden Trees

According to Spring Grove Nursery's Instagram post last week, "American Lindens (aka Basswood) are blooming in the field! Did you know the flowers or honey from lindens are a natural remedy for colds, fever, high blood pressure, and anxiety?" Now, how neat is that!?

SGN Trees' Instagram Post

Check out these pictures of Linden Trees from around the Grundy County area! 

Linden Tree in Bloom

Linden Tree Canopy and Flowers Linden Tree Leaves and Flowers Closeup

Linden Flowers Closeup

Mature Linden Trees in Bloom

Resources: Linden Trees

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