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Blooming Brief: Crabapple & Chokecherry Trees

06 May, 2019 2
Blooming Brief: Crabapple & Chokecherry Trees

What's in bloom— week of May 6th

Crabapple Trees take the show in mid-May! They explode with white, rose-pink & fuchsia flowers! You won't be able to miss this spectacle of trees and their fragrances (if only these pictures were scratch and sniff!) 


This week you'll also notice Canada Red Chokecherry Trees with their small, soft panicles of white blossoms in bloom.


Be sure to stop and take in the beauty of it all or better yet, plant your very own Crabapple or Chokecherry Trees and you can enjoy them year after year!


Are you in Chicagoland and looking to enjoy Crabapple flowers right now? Check out Chicago Botanic Garden and take a Crabapple Walk—

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