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Best #UtiliTrees to Plant Under Utilities

15 Nov, 2019 8
Best #UtiliTrees to Plant Under Utilities

The trees on this list are well suited for being planted in the restricted zone between street and sidewalk and under the utility lines above. These choices take into consideration mature height, pedestrian walkways, and branching height as well as the overall shape and form of the tree. Typically, these trees will be disease and pest-resistant cultivars, tolerant of urban landscapes and conditions.

Planting the right trees in the right space can help eliminate a lot of problems down the road, it will save an immense amount of money when it comes to tree pruning and removal, and help to prevent storm-related damage.

Utilitrees Benefits

Amur Flame Maple

This tree is somewhat of a hidden gem but has been gaining popularity in recent years. This shrub-like tree explodes with a striking red fall color that will be sure to turn some heads.

Amur Flame

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is covered in stunning clusters of white flowers in early spring, and its dark green foliage turns to a brilliant brick red in the fall.


Golden Raindrops® Crabapple

Golden Raindrops Crabapple has fine-textured, deeply cut foliage which gives this crabapple a delicate appearance. The form is elegant, with slender limbs spreading horizontally from upright branches. The abundant golden yellow fruit is small but really makes an impact. This tree features white flowers and excellent resistance to disease.

Golden Raindrops

Red Jewel™ Crabapple

Red Jewel White Flowering Crabapple is our top recommended White Flowering Crabapple selection. This tree explodes with stunning fragrant white flowers along the branches in mid-spring, which gives way to persistent red fruits in the fall.

Red Jewel

Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac

Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac is a small tree or a large shrub. In tree form, it may grow to as much as 30' tall and 20' wide with an oval-rounded crown. Late spring to early summer it will show off with large plumes of fragrant, small white flowers.

Ivory Silk Lilac

Hot Wings® Maple

Hot Wings® Maple gets its name from the showy red-winged seeds that shine in bright contrast with its green summer foliage. Sometimes called Tatarian Maple. This small tree blossoms with white clusters of flowers around May. Wider than it is tall, the Hot Wings® Maple is perfectly rounded at maturity. Hot Wings® Maple is a rare combination of the dependability of a Maple plus a refreshing decorative quality, all in one tree.

Hot Wings

Jack® Ornamental Pear

Because of its size and shape, Jack® Ornamental Pear is extremely versatile in the landscape. Jack® Ornamental Pear can be used anywhere from the parkway to the front landscape and can provide shade as well as accent.

Jack Pear

Beijing Gold® Tree Lilac

Beijing Gold® Tree Lilac, also commonly known as the Peking Tree Lilac, was selected as part of the Chicagoland Grows® Plant Introduction for its summer plumes of fragrant yellow flowers, dark green foliage, attractive bark, upright growth habit, and warm yellow fall color. This tree makes for an outstanding specimen tree that can be planted in the front yard, backyard, in groups in the landscape, along driveways, patios, and does well on the parkway.

Beijing Gold Tree Lilac

Pink Flair® Cherry

Pink Flair® Cherry is a charming specimen for any garden, yard or landscape. This flowering cherry is well suited for urban landscapes. 

Pink Flair Cherry

Paperbark Maple

Paperbark Maple is a compact, ornamental maple tree that can be used just about anywhere in the landscape. A favorite for yards of all shapes and sizes, this tree is best placed where people can admire its unique beauty.

Paperbark Maple


Amur Maackia

Amur Maackia is an excellent small, ornamental & flowering tree. This hardy tree will delight in mid-summer with its upright plumes of fragrant white flowers when few other trees are in bloom. Amur Maackia is a small tree with an attractive upright, vase shape with a rounded crown, and medium green leaves. No notable change in foliage color come fall but its interesting copper bark will peel with age and add interest to the landscape in winter.

Amur Maackia