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  • Red Sunset Red Maple

    Starting at: $450.00

    Red Sunset Red Maple bursts with bright red fall color, and will have the neighbors wishing they had one in their yard as well! Learn More
  • River Birch

    Starting at: $500.00

    One of the most popular landscape trees available, River Birch is an excellent addition to any home. River Birch is a multi-stemmed clump tree, making it one of the best trees for screening and privacy. Learn More
  • Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn

    Starting at: $350.00

    Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn has become one of the most popular ornamental landscape trees on the market today. This tree features extremely unique horizontally-tiered branches which add a completely different texture to the landscape. Learn More
  • Prairifire Pink Flowering Crabapple

    Starting at: $275.00

    Prairifire Pink Flowering Crabapple is one of the best ornamental trees for home landscape use. With its distinctive horizontal shape, Prairifire Crabapple makes a definite statement in the landscape. Learn More
  • Autumn Blaze Maple

    Starting at: $400.00

    Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid of the Silver Maple and Red Maple. This tree mixes the dependable, rapid growth of a Silver Maple with the fall color and toughness of the Red Maple. **If you are looking for a larger size than we have in stock, please check out Marmo Maple which is a nearly identical tree variety. 

    Learn More
  • Emerald Lustre Norway Maple

    Starting at: $450.00

    Emerald Lustre Norway Maple is one of our most highly recommended shade trees. This trees uniform look, dense shade, and speed of growth make it a perfect addition to any landscape. Learn More
  • Greenspire Littleleaf Linden

    Starting at: $500.00

    Greenspire Linden is a magnificent shade tree which has a formal, pyramidal shape throughout its life. Many consider this tree to be the standard of comparison among all of the Linden species. Learn More
  • Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

    Starting at: $400.00

    Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. A great three season accent tree, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberrys shrub-like form make it perfect for adding privacy screening to the landscape. Learn More
  • Red Jewel White Flowering Crabapple

    Starting at: $350.00

    Red Jewel White Flowering Crabapple is our top recommended White Flowering Crabapple selection. This tree explodes with stunning fragrant white flowers along the branches in mid spring, which give way to persistent red fruits in the fall. Learn More

Mature Trees Delivered or Installed

iTrees.com is the new, simple way to serve your Chicago land, and Illinois landscaping needs. Start your process online by learning about our trees. Our online store lets you browse our products and safely buy them online. Next,  choose whether you would like your trees delivered or installed. Choose delivery and we will drop the tree off right next to the planting location and the tree will be covered under our standard warranty, or choose installation and let our professional installers plant the tree for you and cover your tree with our full replacement warranty. Finally, sit back and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Our trees provide your home with shade, natural beauty and added value. At iTrees.com, we want to make your Chicago landscaping project affordable and easy. For us, the only thing more important than the quality of our trees is the quality of our service. We have combined customer feedback with years of experience to create a process that gives you a convenient choice when adding trees to your home landscape.

The Quick 10: 10 Trees the Changed the World

June 5, 2012

Obviously we love trees here at iTrees.com, and we take every opportunity to promote their value & importance to our communities.  We recently ran across an interesting article brought to us by the Alliance for Community Trees.  It is titled “The Quick 10: 10 Trees that Changed the World.”

Here’s the list at a glance:

Get Ready for Spring Planting Season

Feb 9th, 2012

Spring is a great time to plant trees, and at iTrees.com you can plant your way to a colorful spring display!  The spring season is a perfect time to plant trees: the weather is mild, and the trees respond well to transplanting this time of year.  When trees are planted in the spring, they can start growing right away and recieve nourishing spring rains. This helps them establish well before the following summer season.  Experts agree that spring planting is an excellent option for tree planting.

Spring is best known for colorful blooms in the landscape, and at iTrees.com we have a spectacular array of trees to choose from! If you are looking for more color in your yard this spring, then click on our Flowering Trees category at www.iTrees.com for an assortment of fantastic spring choices.  Our selection of locally grown trees is sure to have the spring colors you are looking for.  Join us this spring & plant a tree and watch your yard transform into a beautiful explosion of color!


Trees Grow Dollar Signs

August 9th, 2011

It’s time for trees to be the powerhouse of the industry. Sales have been minimal while nursery burn and compost piles have been excessive. It’s been a frightening and maddening situation.

As the downturn slowly rights itself, albeit painfully slowly, tree growers need to push the message of the value of trees to anyone with a pulse. Trees are a necessity, not a luxury.


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