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At iTrees.com, we believe in selecting only locally grown trees of the highest quality. The trees we select are grown exclusively for us and are hand-picked as superb specimens. As part of our commitment to the environment, we partner with growers that use sound conservation practices in their growing operations. The trees we use are all guaranteed to not only meet, but exceed, the American Nursery and Landscape Association nursery stock standards, as established and accepted by the nursery industry. When choosing a tree for your yard, you want one that will grow and flourish for many years. Starting with healthy, well-branched, locally grown trees will ensure your Chicago landscaping project's success. At iTrees.com, we are proud to partner with quality local nurseries, and even more proud to pass this quality on to our customers.


We want you to get the most bang for your buck. The trees we select are all at least 2" to 4" caliper balled and burlapped specimens. The caliper is the diameter of the trunk 6" above the ground. The height of the trees will depend on the tree variety.

Ornamental trees, like flowering crabapples, are about 10 feet to start for a 2" tree. However, some of our shade trees, like maples, are over 14 feet tall to start. The term "balled and burlapped" refers to the root ball of the tree. These large trees are machine dug and placed in a basket lined with burlap early in the spring before the trees leaf out. This is the most common form of transplanting trees in the industry. We prefer balled and burlapped trees to the potted alternative, because we can be sure the trees are fresh and not root bound in a pot. This method also allows for a larger size tree to be offered.

A clump tree or evergreen is measured by height, instead of caliper. A clump tree, like a Whitespire Birch, is a close group of trees usually with four trunks. A 6-8' Whitespire clump means that the size of the tree will range from 6 to 8 feet tall at the time of planting.


Our trees are of the absolute highest quality. Rest assured that when you buy from us, you are buying the best. Our trees provide you with a fast and easy way to complete your home. Whether you are having a family picnic under the shade of maple, sitting back on your porch with a glass of wine watching the leaves turn, or feeling refreshed in the morning by the comforting sights and smells of a flowering crabapple, you can be confident that our trees will meet your needs.


Due to the unique structure of our business we are able to pass the saving right down to the customer. We utilize locally grown trees, and through our use of the online storefront, we cut down on costly buildings and garden centers. On average, our trees are 20% less than anywhere else on the market.

Here at iTrees.com, there is more to value than just saving a couple of bucks. The result is a kind of value that is hard to put a price on. We save you time, energy, frustration by offering you the most hassle-free experience you can possibly get.


This is always the name of the game when you are searching for any product. Many homeowners worry about whether or not the trees they buy are healthy. We buy our trees from local nurseries, so they are guaranteed to grow successfully in our climate. Also, all of our trees come standard with a 1 year full replacement warranty, so if anything does happen to them you are covered!

Each tree is a perfect condition recently dug 2"-4" caliper, balled and burlapped tree. All trees are guaranteed to be disease and insect free, and are otherwise perfectly healthy when delivered to your door. All our suppliers are inspected regularly by the USDA to confirm the health of their trees. We also provide you with the highest quality service, to make your experience as pleasant, and simple as possible.


It is in our best interest to keep our customers happy and their trees healthy, because we depend on customer referrals and return business to keep our business running. All of our trees are specifically chosen because they are extremely successful in our climate; we go out of our way to take little things like that into consideration every day to help give you the best possible experience.

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  • “Working with iTrees made our landscaping experience so much easier! Since we didn't know much about design, they helped us place and plant the trees we bought online. Changing our home's yard was a breeze!”

    - Bridgette Miller

  • “iTrees.com was one of the few places I could find that sold large trees. When I needed privacy from the street at my new home, buying trees online and them having them delivered and planted for me was the perfect quick fix.”

    - Richard Powell


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