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Red Sunset Red Maple

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Reg. Price: $600.00

Red Sunset Red Maple bursts with bright red fall color, and will have the neighbors wishing they had one in their yard as well!

Why it rocks:

Red Sunset Red Maple is mostly planted for its spectacular red fall color. This tree is a show stopper, and it will have the neighbors wishing they had one in their yard as well! This tree has a desirable round shape with attractive green foliage in the summer that burst with color in the fall. For this tree’s statistics please click on the Additional Details tab above.

Where to put it:

Red Sunset Red Maple should be planted where you can most enjoy its color and shade. Because of its size, it should be planted at least 15ft from buildings to allow it plenty of room for its beautiful shade. Parkways, front yards, and backyards are great locations for this popular tree. For advice on what types of tree to plant, and where to plant them, please check out our Design Center

What it needs:

Red Sunset Red Maple thrives in almost any home landscape. This tree will benefit from well drained soil conditions, and shouldn’t be planted where it can be over exposed to salt. For tree care instructions please click here.

Botanical Name Acer rubrum 'Franksred'
Zone No
Tree Type Shade
Mature Height 45'
Mature Spread 35'
Shape Upright Rounded
Foliage Medium Green
Fall Color Brilliant Red
Flower Color N/A
Decorative Fruit N/A
Growth Rate Moderate to Rapid
Plant Tolerance Adaptable
Standout Feature Outstanding Fall Color, Classic Shape

Customer Reviews

  1. Red Sunset Review by bella

    Beautiful tree had it planted a month ago plus 5 Autumn Brilliance trees . Wonderful people to work with . Thank You! (Posted on 7/21/14)

  2. Great Experience Review by Joseph

    This is a great tree, we love it...and iTrees was an all around great experience! (Posted on 4/18/14)

  3. Sunset Maple - Beautiful Tree Review by Sue

    This tree is absolutely beautiful in the fall with it's red leaves. Very nice green color in the summer. Hardy in our Wisconsin Climate. (Posted on 6/20/12)

  4. Red Sunset Maple Review by David Baar

    Great looking tree. Had it planted 1 month ago.
    These people are really friendly and Chris was
    VERY INFORMATIVE and friendly. I would do
    business with Chris again
    (Posted on 5/24/11)

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Questions on Red Sunset Red Maple

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  • From Bill Schrieffer at 7/13/14 4:01 PM
    • How tall is this tree at the time of installation? I am looking to purchase a tree that is about 7 or 8 feet tall at the time of planting so that it can immediately provide some shade and block the view of a busy street about 100 feet away. Also, how long will I have to wait for the tree to be delivered? Please advise.
    • Here are the approximate heights for Maple trees by caliper size: 2 inch caliper = 10-12 ft tall, 2.5 inch caliper = 12-14 ft tall, 3 inch caliper = 14-16 ft tall, 3.5 inch caliper = 16-18 ft tall, 4 inch caliper = 18+ ft tall. The smallest we would typically carry is 2 inch caliper - which would be closer to 10-12 ft tall. During the tree planting season (May-November) typical wait times can range from 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year and availability- it changes all the time, so please call or email us for a more accurate estimate. I realize that you sent this email some time ago, I apologize we were having some problems with our product question feature which have recently been corrected. If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to us via email at info@itrees.com or give us a call at 815-448-2138.
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  • From John Ferguson at 7/31/14 7:27 AM
    • Hello. We are going to order a Red Sunset Red Maple tree from your company soon. We live in Naperville, IL where the average first frost is between 10/1 and 10/10. I have read that it is best to plant this tree at least 6 weeks from the first frost, which would be 8/20. Does this information apply to this tree? If we are unable to get the tree planted in time this fall, is it ok to plant in the spring? If so, when in the spring is ideal? Thanks very much, my Wife and I look forward to obtaining one of these beautiful trees.

    • All of our trees are balled and burlapped- which means we dig the tree, much of its root system, and surrounding soil and then wrap it in burlap and put it in a metal basket- at that time it is ready to be transported and transplanted. All trees can be dug out of the field in the spring, before they leaf out and, in addition, some trees can also be dug in the fall after their leaves have dropped. Red Sunset Red Maple prefers to be spring dug- so we dig them out of the ground in March or April depending on the weather. From there, they can sit balled and burlapped out of the ground all year, as long as they are on drip irrigation (which ours are!). They can be planted at any time during the year, including at any time during the fall, as long as they are dug out of the ground in the spring (which ours are!). In some cases, we are able to fall dig Red Sunset Red Maples as well, and we have had success doing so- but we only do this with the express permission of the customer as it is a bit more risky. That is a long way of saying- yes, they can be planted in the fall up to around Thanksgiving as long as they are initially dug out of the ground in the spring. They can also be planted in the spring and summer as well! We typically start planting trees in May (depending on weather) and we plant trees all year long up until early December (depending on weather).
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  • From Dorothyethridge at 12/11/15 10:33 PM
    • How tall are these trees when shipped, warranting a $400.00 price?
    • What Do These Sizes Mean?

      Balled and bur lapped trees are measured by their caliper. The caliper of a tree is measured by the thickness of the trunk, so a 2" caliper tree means that the trunk is 2 inches across. The height ranges depending on the tree. Typically, a 2" shade tree is going to be much taller than a 2" ornamental tree, because their height now is relative to their mature height. Here are some examples using approximate heights:

      Maple Trees (shade tree):
      2" caliper = approx. 12-14ft tall
      2.5" caliper = approx. 14-16ft tall
      3" caliper = approx. 16-18ft tall
      3.5" caliper = 18-20+ ft tall

      Crabapple Trees (ornamental tree):
      2" - 2.5" caliper = approx. 8-10ft tall
      2.5" - 3" caliper = approx. 10-12ft tall

      A clump tree or evergreen tree is measured by height. A clump tree, like a River Birch, is a close group of trees with multiple trunks. A 10-12' Tall Clump River Birch means that the size of the tree will range from 10 to 12 feet tall at the time of planting. With evergreen trees, we measure to the top cluster of branches, not to the very tip of the highest needles. This ensures that you are getting a tree that is truly the height you are looking for. An 8ft Tall Douglas Fir means that the tree will be 8ft Tall to the top cluster of branches. All trees are measured from the top of their root ball, meaning they height we state is the height of the tree after it is planted in the ground.
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