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Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

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Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. A great three season accent tree, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberrys shrub-like form make it perfect for adding privacy screening to the landscape.

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Why it rocks:

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. A great three season accent tree, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry’s shrub-like form make it perfect for adding privacy screening to the landscape. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is covered in stunning clusters of white flowers in early spring, and its dark green foliage turns to a brilliant brick red in the fall. It produces edible blue berries in late spring, which can be consumed by humans or wildlife. Not enough can be said about this beautiful and useful tree. For this tree’s statistics please click on the Additional Details tab above.

Where to put it:

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is extremely versatile and can be used nearly anywhere in the landscape. Because of its small size and shrub-like form, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is great along property lines as a privacy screen. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is also commonly used in the front or back landscape to provide accent or anchoring, or around a deck or patio to provide screening. This tree should be planted at least 6ft away from buildings. This is a clump tree, so keep in mind that it will block the view of anything you put it in front of. Serviceberry adds an extremely native look to the landscape, and looks great in odd numbered clusters. For advice on what types of tree to plant, and where to plant them, please check out our Design Center

What it needs:

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is an extremely tolerant tree which can grow in almost any conditions. This tree is a great choice for challenging locations. For tree care instructions please click here.

Botanical Name Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance'
Zone 4
Tree Type Ornamental, Privacy
Mature Height 15-20'
Mature Spread 15'
Shape Clump Form, Upright Spreading
Foliage Medium Green
Fall Color Brilliant Red
Flower Color White Clusters
Decorative Fruit Blue edible berries
Growth Rate Rapid
Plant Tolerance Very Adaptable
Standout Feature Spring Flowers, Fall Color, Edible Fruit, Shrub-like Form

Questions on Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

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  • From Mark at 4/7/14 1:34 PM
    • For a clump tree, how does the caliper option work? Is the tree simply pruned to maintain a single trunk configuration prior to sale?
    • Clump trees are not measured by caliper- they are measured by height. If it is a single trunk tree (or "tree form" or "single stem" as we call it) then it will be measured by caliper, which is the diameter of the trunk measured 6 inches above ground. If it is a clump tree (on the website we call them "multi-stem clump") then they will be measured by height. Some trees are offered in clump form and tree form- when you click the drop down box "Choose Your Tree Size" on the product pages you will see all the size options listed. No, clump trees are not pruned to make single stem trees prior to delivery- they start out in the nursery as either clumps or single stem.
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  • From Bob at 4/9/14 6:07 PM
    • Do these have fruit?
    • Yes, they have edible berries in the early summer- they taste and look similar to a blueberry.
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